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Health and Safety Policy is a mandatory document required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Policy must be reviewed annually and must be signed by the top level management and by someone representing the employees as well.

A Policy is required in any occupational health and safety system and in any management system as an indication of the company’s expectations in regards to that specific program or system. On the risk management side, written policies and procedures are important tools for preventing losses, defending businesses and reducing liabilities.

The content of the Health and Safety Policy must be clear and must reflect the commitment, support and attitude of the company’s management team in regards to the Occupational Health and Safety Program and the protection of workers. Employees from all organization must be aware of and, more than that, must understand the Health and Safety Policy.

During cross business compliance audits, in my previous job, I would look for something like a large banner stating the local policy. The banner would have the main policy objectives and several signatures from employees of all areas. If that was not accomplished I would recommend to the site manager to set up a meeting with the main purpose to discussing the site’s Health and Safety Policy. Attendees from all the organizational areas including management team should attend it.

The Ministry of Labour has an example of a Health and Safety Policy in their guide to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This document can be found at the MOL website.

EHS Zone can help you to achieve compliance with the OHSA. Contact us for more information on how to write and put in place a Health and Safety Policy and any other policies and documents you need in order to achieve compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety legislations.

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