WHMIS 2015 – Start to Prepare

It is time to prepare for WHMIS 2015

The legislation is changing. Now it is time to start to prepare for the changes on the WHMIS 2015.

What is the GHS?

Global Harmonized System is a worldwide system which goal is to have a common set of rules for classifying hazardous products, common rules for labels and a standard format for SDSs.

Important statement

It is very important to highlight that the GHS does not replace WHMIS. GHS does, however introduce some important changes to WHMIS 2015, which are main seen on the new pictograms and new requirements for labelling and SDSs.


CCOHS Legislation – WHMIS 2015


CCOHS Health & Safety Fact Sheets (OSH Answers)


Health Canada – WHMIS 2015


UN GHS purple book



Label requirements – General comparison

Current WHMIS WHMIS 2015
Product Identifier Product identifier
Supplier identified (name only) Supplier identified (name, address, and telephone numbers)
Hazards symbols (circle) Hazards pictograms (symbol within a square on a point)
Risk phrases Hazard statements (suppliers must use standardized wording)
Precautionary measures Precautionary statements (response, prevention, storage, disposal)
First aid instructions Precautionary statements (response)
Reference to MSDS
Signal word (Danger or Warning)

Source: CCHSC e-learning training WHMIS after GHS – An Introduction


Classification is the process of determining which hazard class or classes apply to each product. The classification criteria that will be used by suppliers after GHS will be different than the current WHMIS criteria. Some classes may be even more extensive or comprehensive. WHMIS 2015 after GHS, hazards are arranged into three general groups containing hazards classes:

  • Physical hazards: 16 classes
  • Health hazards: 10 classes
  • Environmental hazards: 2 classes

The implementation of GHS will change WHMIS in many ways. It is very important that you start to get ready. You will need time to:

  • Understand the new requirements and assess the impact on your company’s operations.
  • Make plans to comply with the new WHMIS 2015 rules and obtain the required resources.

If you have questions on the new upcoming legislation, you can always refer to the OSH Answers section of the CCOHS website. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can connect with one of the CCOHS health and safety specialists online or by phone .


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