Occupational Health and Safety Training

The Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation, O. Reg. 297/13, which came into effect last year in July, requires health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor. On top of health and safety awareness training, companies need to provide workers with the knowledge they need in order to work safely. Occupational [...]

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Employee Involvement and Evaluation Process

If your company is working towards the implementation of a Health and Safety Management system, you will definitely need an Employee Involvement and Evaluation Process. The main objective of an employee evaluation process is to promote and encourage active participation in occupational health and safety activities by all levels of employees. There are several ways to participate [...]

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WHMIS 2015 – Start to Prepare

It is time to prepare for WHMIS 2015 The legislation is changing. Now it is time to start to prepare for the changes on the WHMIS 2015. What is the GHS? Global Harmonized System is a worldwide system which goal is to have a common set of rules for classifying hazardous products, common rules for labels [...]

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Health and Safety Policy

Fountain pen on policy Health and Safety Policy is a mandatory document required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Policy must be reviewed annually and must be signed by the top level management and by someone representing the employees as well. A Policy is required in any occupational health and safety [...]

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Radon in Buildings

If you are a mom like me you probably got a letter from your children's school in regards something on Radon testing or Radon in buildings. And the truth if that if you are not engaged in a nuclear company or association of some king I am certain you read the message one, twice, maybe [...]

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Material Handling

How to Properly Stack and Store Materials Safely There’s hardly a workplace that doesn’t handle or store materials. Manually handling objects—that is, carrying, unpacking, stacking or storing materials by hand—has its risks. Lifting objects can cause injuries from strains and sprains. Improper storing and handling of material and equipment can result in materials striking or [...]

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Material handling overview

Overview Hazards involving material handling can lead to serious worker injuries and even death. In particular, workers are at risk for back injuries and muscular strains as well as injuries from being struck by, caught between or crushed by tools, materials, equipment or vehicles. Proper material handling prevents these kinds of injuries. Employers are responsible [...]

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